Royle's Reveals Hypnosis Secrets 4 - Eyes Follow Thumb Suggestion Test

Royle's Reveals Hypnosis Secrets 4 - Eyes Follow Thumb Suggestion Test By Jonathan Royle

By way of Two easy to follow step by step training videos Hypnotist Jonathan Royle reveals to you every nuance of this tried, tested and consistently proven to work technique for rapidly convincing people that you can place them into a Genuine Hypnotic Trance State in Seconds.

With this test which is guaranteed to work 100% of the time, a person follows their thumb with their eyes and turns in a clockwise direction as they rotate at the waist and they stop when it becomes
uncomfortable to move any further.

Then after some Suggestions from you the Hypnotist their Reality is instantly changed and they are able to do the same thing again, except that this time they physically and genuinely go much further than they did the first time.

This will truly amaze them as they can really feel and experience the difference and it is visually very impressive to the audience as well.

Not only a great convincer for Hypnotists but also a great demonstration of Positive Mind Power and Positive Thinking.

These “Royle Reveals Hypnosis Secrets” packages of which there are 18 different ones available will also give you an insight into Royle's Unique Style of Hypnosis Training before you make the wise decision to invest into his more comprehensive packages and products that are also available from this website.

The Techniques taught are ideal for Stage, Street and even Clinical Hypnosis applications and are extremely easy to master thanks to Royle's unique manner of instruction.

You will also get a bonus video teaching several Verbal Suggestibility Tests.

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