EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK - Over 25 Years of Magical & Mentalism Knowledge


(Over 25 Years of Magical & Mentalism Knowledge)


"Every Trick In The Book" is an Encyclopedic Large Format (A4) Photo Illustrated publication with 600 Pages of Magic Tricks, Mentalism & Mind Reading Routines and even Cold-Reading & Pseudo Hypnosis Secrets all written, devised and compiled by Jonathan Royle.

This book is made up of 36 of his different Ebooks that usually retail on average for around $20 - $40 Each from Major Magic Dealers and thus to buy all of this material as individual Ebook Publications from Magic Dealers would cost you far in excess of $800 which is approx £647 UK Sterling at time of Books Release in February 2017.

Therefore this Compilation Ebook represents amazing value for money at just $197 given that it contains all the material you would ever need to put together complete Professional Standard Acts and shows covering all areas of:

*Close-Up Magic & Strolling Magic Routines,

*Comedy Stage & Cabaret Comedy Magic Show,

*Complete Children's Party & Family Style Magic Show,

*Complete Mentalism & Mind Reading Show,

*Complete Hypnosis Style Show that requires no genuine Hypnosis whatsoever,

*Complete Stand-Up Comedy Joke Telling Act,

*Complete Circus Yogi Sideshow Feats Style Act,

*Cold-Reading & Fortune Telling Style Performances.

Heck along the way you'll also learn how to Eat Fire, Lie on a Bed of Nails and perform numerous other Circus Yogi & Sideshow Stunts, you'll discover the arts of Pawology (Dogs Paw Reading) and Psychic Belly Button Reading (Navel - Gazing) and you'll even be taught How to Become a Successful Stand Up Comedian.

It is not a Joke when we clearly state that using the contents of this book alone will give you all the material that you ever need to pursue a hugely successful Professional Career in the World of Magic & Entertainment.

Being an ebook that means that all of the website links mentioned are all easily clickable to take you directly to the Private Teaching Videos, whereas with the Hard-Back Book version available from http://www.epubli.de//shop/buch/Every-Trick-In-The-Book-Jonathan-Royle-9783745058970/63163 you would need to manually type these into your computer to watch the instructional videos.

This is all Real World, Highly Commercial Audience Tested Material that Royle has been performing in most cases for over 25 years at the time of release (Feb 2017) and which has helped him to appear on well over 100+ TV Show's and at Five Star Venues around the World on a regular basis.