THE ROYLE EVENT - (Steve Miller Presents Dr. Jonathan Royle)

History was made in Birmingham – (England) on Saturday 14th October 2017, as Televisions “Fat Families” Presenter, Creator of FATnosis and leading Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve Miller hosted a one day training which will go down in history as “THE ROYLE EVENT”

On this day Steve Miller Presented the so called “Bad Boy of British Hypnosis” Dr. Jonathan Royle to a SOLD OUT room of almost 100 people including Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Clinical Psychologists, Some people with Medical Qualifications and even one or two relative newbies to the field.

The Fast Paced, Truly Eye Opening Day was punctuated with Hugely Enthusiastic applause throughout and regular moments of extreme laughter and (as can be seen in the video below) ended with two (yes two) Standing Ovations!!

Watch the Short Video Here = 

Within hours of the event finishing the massively positive praise was flooding in, some examples of which can be seen at this link:

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