C.M.T. DIPLOMA COURSE = Complete Mind Therapy



Within this Multi-Media instant download Home Study Package you will recieve everything you will need to easily, rapidly and effectively become a Confident & Competent Diploma bearing Licensed Master Practitioner of Royle's Unique One Session Hypnotherapy & NLP Treatment approach called "Complete Mind Therapy" or CMT for short.

Since The Mid 90's, this technique has been honed to perfection and is now used by therapists worldwide who get amazing life changing results with their clients on a daily basis.

Indeed this technique is such that it has successfully been used on most every kind of client with most every Habit, Addiciton, Fear, Phobia and indeed every other issue you can possibly think of from A throough to Z within a single approx 60 minutes treatment session.

You will discover how to use CMT with clients who want to tell you all about their problems, but also perhaps more importantly you will be taught how to use it in a completely CONTENT FREE MANNER so that the client fills in certain blanks for themselves along the way and ultimately makes the session completely specific, personal, relevant and powerful to them, but without you ever needing to know anything about what their issue used to be.

Through a combination of Video, Audio and Written training materials and resources you will soon be able to master this extremely powerful Therapy Modality and thus then gain acess (at no extra cost) to your Professional Diplomas & Certification in "Complete Mind Therapy"

You will also gain access to various Professionally designed Logos which you can use in your advertising to show that you are a Licensed Practitioner of Complete Mind Therapy and also to prove you are a Lifetime Member (no yearly fees) of The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT) which indeed you can become when you have downloaded this package.

Arguably this is the most Powerful Mind Therapy approach ever released to Hypnotherapists, NLP'ers and Related Mind Coaches and it is true to state that no Prior Experience is necessary as all the information you will ever need to get started (including a written business plan to make big profits from Smoking Cessation & Weight Loss Clients) is included within this download package.

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