MINDFULNESS - Power & Techniques Revealed

Within this bumper package of materials you will discover exactly what mindfulness is and how to easily start using it in your own daily life...

And of course you will also learn Techniques & Strategies that will prove of much use with your Hypnotherapy & Psychological Talking Therapies Clients.

Indeed this package will teach you the simple mindfulness exercises which you can start using immeditaly today in order to begin getting more control over your mind than you’ve ever had before...

Amongst the Many things you will learn are:

An overview of CBT, or cognitive behaviour therapy, and why it’s incredibly powerful...

How to use CBT in real world situations to overcome fear and anxiety in your daily life...

How to use mindfulness to improve your success with the opposite sex and dating...

What causes stress in your life and how to overcome it by changing your thoughts...

Why the age old fight or flight response can actually be hurting you more than helping you in today’s modern life...

You may have “hidden powers” and not even realize it… discover how to tap into your hidden powers using mindfulness...

The power of visualization and how to use it in your life to get more of what you want...

How to become socially fearless with hypothesis testing...

The Law of Attraction and how to use it for a life of abundance...

Plus, a whole lot more...


1. introduction

2. what is mindfulness

3. how to start using mindfulness

4. introducing cognitive restructuring

5. how to use cognitive restructuring in the real world

6. stress and flow states

7. tapping into hidden powers

8. why you should visualize

9. the power of belief

10. conclusions



What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness in Daily Life 

How to Start Using Mindfulness

Tips for Rapid Improvement

Introducing Cognitive Restructuring

A Brief Primer on CBT

Techniques Used in CBT

How to Use Cognitive Restructuring in the Real World

Fear Setting 

Remove the Fear and Date Anyone

Stress and Flow States 

Chronic Stress

Positive Stress

Tapping Into Hidden Powers

Why You Should Visualize

Embodied Cognition

Visualization for Productivity

The Power of Belief

How to Become Socially Fearless With Hypothesis Testing

The Law of Attraction


Mindfulness Cheat Sheet

Mind map

Extra articles


Yes indeed there are also some extremely valuable bonus items included but we are going to let them be a nice suprise for you, suffice to say that the bonus items are worth many times the tiny Special Offer Price being asked for this training package alone.