(The Real Nuts & Bolts of Mind Control Success)

Filmed during Jonathan Royle's most recent 2 day Live Hypnosis & NLP Training Seminar on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th June 2017 this 16 part video set is Guaranteed to change the way you think about, approach and practice all areas of Hypnosis Forever!!

Containing many Insights, Secrets and Techniques that he has never shared before, along with old favourites that he teaches and shares in an entirely new way which is both hugely educational and entertaining, as well as often funny at times, you will learn all of the following:

*How to Gain an Eyes Open Hypnotic Trance State in Complete Strangers in a matter of Seconds.

*The True No Nonsense Zero Bullshit insider Secrets to so called “Covert” and “Conversational” Hypnosis.

*The Proven Memory System that can be used to help you never forget things in all areas of your life and how having learned this will help make you a far more Powerful and Extremely Effective Hypnotist.

*Various Suggestibility Tests or as many call them these days “Set Pieces” or “Convincers” are taught and all of them are 100% Guaranteed to work each and every time when used the way that Royle teaches.

*Numerous Rapid & Instant Hypnotic Induction Techniques are taught including the Classic Hand Shake Induction and many others including those suitable for use in Stage, Street and of course Clinical Hypnotherapy.

*The brand new Locked Eyes Arm Release (L.E.A.R) Induction which was devised by one of Royle's Students Roy Brownlowe at a previous seminar and has now been extensively tested by Royle in the real world is also taught. He has found that in the real world, this Induction works as Rapidly as a L.E.A.R Jet...

*Royle Reveal's the Shocking truth about depths of “Trance” and all of the until now most jealously guarded Secrets of Success to ensure that your Clients for therapy and/or volunteers for Stage Shows are in the perfect state of mind each and every time.

*Royle's I.I.C. Technique ensures that you can never fail in anything you do as a Hypnotist whether it is in the consulting room for therapy, on stage for a formal show or even on the Street for a bit of impromptu fun.

*Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) are just two of the many so called “Meridian Tapping Therapies” out there on the market. Within this package Royle Reveals the real truth on how and why all Meridian therapy works and then teaches you his truly powerful approach of Complete Mind Tapping – CMT.

*How to reliably get Hypnotic Arm Catalepsy in less than a minute and then how to use this to help clients to remove Negative Traumas, Cravings, Emotional Issues, Habits, Phobias and other issues from their life's with the greatest of ease is also taught and demonstrated.

*The Eyes Follow Thumb Technique and how it can be used as a convincer to get people into the right state of mind for successful Hypnosis along with how it can be used to gain an eyes open Hypnotic Trance State and even to help people change their life for the better in just a few short minutes whatever their issue may be from A through to Z.

*VCDT aka Visual Coding Displacement Therapy is the Trademarked approach of British Television Life Coaches “The Speakmans” and Royle is one of only a handful of people to have been personally taught the technique, in person by Nik & Eva Speakman and to have been Certifiied in VCDT by them. Well now Royle has taken VCDT and by changing things to Visual Confusion Disorientation Techniques has made the principles and psychology behind it even easier to understand and then apply and adapt to your own work with therapy clients.

*Every element that is combined together to formulate Royles unique one session treatment approach of Complete Mind Therapy – (CMT) is also examined individually and indeed you will learn how to use each of the Powerful elements separately when you only have a few minutes available for the session as will often happen when you are doing Television and Radio Shows to promote your talents.

*Sub-Modalities are discussed and a powerful technique based upon them is taught which is especially useful for clients with Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Extreme Stress, PTSD, OCD's and many other similar issues. 

*Royle Reveals how to achieve Hypnotic Glove Anaesthesia for Pain Control Clients Reliably and Consistently within a matter of seconds using an awesome new Secret Technique which will amaze and excite you.

*Royle blows the explosive lid off therapy techniques such as EMDR = Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming and others that involved rapid movement of the eyes and reveals exactly how they all truly work and how you can easily add such methods to your tool box.

*Royles “SUDS” Technique and how the devious Psychology behind this can be used to ensure your success each and every time with any technique you may choose to use including ones that you have just devised and invented for yourself. This one is truly worth many times its weight in gold to the working Mind Therapy Practitioner.

*The Shocking truth of how and why all Hypnotic and related Mind Therapy treatment techniques work (when they do) and how using this knowledge you can then successfully and easily formulate your own unique approaches & techniques that are guaranteed to work consistently.

*Quite Literally whatever Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias, Emotional Issues or other problems that your clients could ever present you with from A through to Z, you will discover many Powerful and Tried, Tested and Consistently Proven to work techniques to enable them to get Rapid Results and change their life's for the better.

*You'll also learn the Inside Secrets of the Comedy Stage Hypnotists and the new breed of “Street Hypnotists” enabling you to quite literally be able to Hypnotize most anybody, anytime, any-place, anywhere with the greatest of ease and with Guaranteed Success.

*Various “Hypno-Tricks” which are guaranteed to work each and every time and enable you to apparently lock peoples legs to the floor, glue their eyelids together, make their hands lock together and much more are also taught along with insights into how to use them both in therapy as well as for entertainment.

*The Importance of Symbolism & Mental Imagery is examined in depth and you are shown how to create countless therapeutic techniques from these insights.

*How to develop the right attitude, appearance, personality and environment to ensure that you get 100% Success in all that you choose to do Hypnotically.

*Royle's Colleague Stuart Cassels also shares a complete step by step Internet Based Marketing plan which will ensure that you have a constant stream of high paying therapy clients coming through your doors on a daily basis.

Whether you are a complete Novice with no prior knowledge, insight, training or experience in any area of NLP and Hypnosis or you are an experienced Professional of many years, in either case you will learn tons from this package which you will not learn anywhere else and which will ultimately help make you a far more Powerful, Effective and Successful Hypnotist whether that be for Stage, Street or Clinical Therapy purposes & applications.

This video package contains access to 16 video files which have a total combined running time of just over Ten Hours and 30 Minutes and were filmed on a camcorder at a Live Event, although the footage is “amateur” we can assure you it is more than clear enough to learn all of these Secrets and Techniques from in the comfort of your own home.

Arguably the Best $147 that you will ever invest into your Hypnosis Education, Hypnotic Success and Hypnotism Career.