The Perfect You (Self-Hypnosis & Self-Help Techniques)

"The Perfect You" also Known as "Hypno-High" is arguably the easiest to use and understand book on Self-Hypnosis and Self-Help Techniques that has ever been released.

Within its pages you will discover Cutting Edge Psychological Techniques which are all 100% Safe and 100% Drug Free, that may enable you to overcome any Fears, Phobias, Habits, Addictions, Emotional Issues or Indeed Health Issues that you may have from A through to Z.

From Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Over Coming Alchohol, Drug and Sexual Issues on the One Hand to dealing with and improving common health conditions such as Asthma, Eczema, Psorasis and other Skin Conditions the answers are within the pages of this potentially life changing book.

Developing Super Self Confidence, Over Coming Shyness, Anxiety and Panic Attacks and programming your Mind for Success in all areas of life also becomes easy when you have mastered these Self-Hypnosis and other amazing Self-Help Treatment Techniques.

You will also learn how to use Mind Power and Self-Hypnosis Alone to act as a powerful Non Drug Treatment against Pain and Discomfort and these techniques can be used by people with Arthiritic Conditions at one end of the scale to those with Cancer and other extreme issues that may have involved pain at the other end of the scale.

This "Hypno-High" to overcome previous pain issues can also be used when visiting the Dentist or to enable women to experience a Natural Pain Free Child Birth.

As Doctors and Medical Experts have known for years Stress can not only contribute largely to cause Illnesses and diseases, but it can also amplify and make worst existing conditions.

In that regard Self-Hypnosis provides a most wonderful way to achieve total mind and body relaxation, eliminating all thoughts and feelings of a negative or stressful nature from your mind and body and thus allowing your Mind and Body to help itself to Heal and Recover more rapidly than it would so so otherwise.

Your Brain is a most Amazing thing and using the techniques which are taught in a simple step by step manner in this unique book you will learn how to remove all negative files from your personal neck top computer and replace them with only positive and beneficial ones.

Written by Dr. Jonathan Royle who is the President of The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT) and has arguably been involved in the training and development of the vast majority of successful Hypnotherapists and Life Coaches around the World Today, this entire book is written in a down to earth simplistic manner.

You also gain access to a Virtual Online Video Treatment Session which will help you to overcome your problems or issues, whatever they may be, far more easily than you may ever have imagined possible.

And Access to Two Online Audio Lessons are also included to help make your education complete.

This may only be a short book, but it is a large format (almost A4) book and all the rubbish that others pad out their works with has been removed, leaving only the real meat, the real inside secrets of Self-Hypnosis and Self-Help Success.

Read this book, then more importantly put the contents to regular daily use and you truly could be looking into the mirror and seeing "The Perfect You" far more rapidly than you ever dreamed possible.

Why settle for second best in life?

Now you don't need to as the Power of "Complete Mind Therapy" is available to you 24 Hours A day.

It is like having your own Personal Celebrity Life Coach on hand whenever you need them!