Royles R.A.T System - How To Learn The Runes - Astrology & Tarot in 60 Minutes or Less!

Royles R.A.T System

How To Learn The Runes - Astrology & Tarot in 60 Minutes or Less!

By: Jonathan Royle

Royle's R.A.T System is a 71 Page, Large format (A4 Size) information packed,
photo illustrated downloadable PDF Ebook, that when studied will enable you to
learn and remember the meanings of all the Rune Stones, Astrological Star Signs
and Tarot Cards in 60 Minutes or Less!

To make this clear we would expect the vast majority (if not all) readers of this
amazing book to know and be able to remember the meanings of the 25 Rune
Stones within just 60 minutes or less.

We would also expect most readers to be able to give detailed readings of the 12
different Astrological Star Signs in 60 Minutes or Less.

And Yes, when it comes to learning and remembering the meanings of all 78 Tarot
Cards we would also expect the vast majority of readers to be able to learn and remember them all in One Hour or Less.

So with 60 minutes for Runes, 60 minutes for Astrological Star Signs and 60 minutes for Tarot Cards, we would expect you to be able to master all three elements of "Royle's R.A.T System" in 3 Hours or Less.

Please be aware that this is NOT a book about the mechianics of giving Rune, Astrological and/or Tarot Readings, but is rather a book focused entirely on showing you how to easily, rapidly and enjoyably remember and instantly recall on demand the True Meanings of each of these Divination and Fortune Telling Systems.

As an added bonus you will also along the way Learn the meanings of all 52 Cards in a normal deck of Playing Cards as they are interpreted for Cartomancy Readings.

To make your learning experience as easy as 1,2,3 included within the pages of this PDF is a link to an audio recording which in particular will make the elements of learning the Tarot & Playing Card meanings way easier than perhaps you could ever imagine would be possible.

You'll have a wonderful warm feeling and sense of huge achievement and accomplishment inside when you have read the contents of this mind blowing PDF and listened to the Bonus Audio File to which a link is supplied within the text and realize that you have learnt and can remember the meanings of all 25 Runes, 12 Star Signs, 78 Tarot Cards and 52 Playing Cards for "Fortune Telling" and "Psychic Reading" purposes!

There has never been an easier way to learn, remember and rapidly recall the true meanings of the Runes, Astrological Star Signs and Tarot Cards than by Studying "Royles R.A.T System"

An Absolute Bargain at just $47.00