HYPNO-TITS - (Audio Hypnotherapy to Increase Breast Size)

HYPNO-TITS (Powerful Hypnotherapy to Help Increase The Size of Your Breasts) The Healing Power of our own Minds and the capacity of our own Personal Neck Top Computers (Brains) for Positive Changes are truly amazing and it has long been known that your Mind can Control your Body hence so called "Mind Over Matter" Whilst we will honestly and directly state that there have been very few Scientific or Clinical Studies done providing reliable evidence that Hypnotherapy can help someone to increase their Breast Size, what we do know for 100% CERTAIN is the very real FACT that reprogramming the sub-conscious mind can help people to overcome practially any issues you can think of. That Said, there have been various Clinical, Medical & Scientific Studies done over the years which do seem to indicate that Hypnotherapy can most certainly help people to increase their Breast Size through mind power alone. Evidence is found in a study conducted by James Williams who had 13 subjects who averaged 2.11 inch increase in the circumference of their breasts (2 cup sizes). This study was presented and peer-reviewed to be published in the Journal of Sex Research. Following this a few years later Staib & Logan repeated Williams research and found that there results confirmed the growth of breasts and in addition produced a reduction in the waist size of 1.4 inches. They also followed up on their subjects and found that 81% of the breast size increase was maintained several months after the women had stopped using their guided imagery for increasing size. In 1979 Roy Beran who was a neurologist at Adelaide Children’s Hospital, conducted a 3 month study which was not published but instead was reported in a medical hypnotherapy convention, namely the National Convention of Hypnotherapists in Adelaide. Dr. Beran measured the breast growth by volume rather than circumference by placing the breasts in a container of water and seeing how much volume of water was spilled due to the volume of the women’s breast. His results showed a 200% increase in the total volume of breast size after 3 months use of hypnosis. When you think about it, given that Breast Increase can and often does occur around the time of a women's period and also noticeably during pregnancy, this indicates that your breasts do not have to remain the same size all the time and most certainly can increase in size when your body releases the correct chemicals and hormones to make such happen. And that is one of the approaches of this package, to programme your mind to release all the correct chemicals and hormones to help your breasts increase in size without any side effects. It has most certainly been proven to be most effective in helping people to increase their Self-Esteem, Self-Image and Self-Confidence, all three of which are in our experience the Keys to becoming 100% Relaxed, Happy, Calm and Confident in your own body and about all parts of your body. The benefits you could experience from using the contents of this package are: *Boost your Confidence, Self-Image and Self Esteem *Overcome emotional and psychological blocks that stunt your growth and cause anxiety and depression *Promote further growth with refocus of energy *Reprogram your self image to feel more positively powerful and more self-worth *Improve and make more positive changes regarding exercise and habits for even further growth *Increase targeted control of individual cells' renewal and growth via your subconscious mind *Sustain all these changes naturally and for good! Within this bumper package of Home Hypnotherapy Treatment you will find all of the following: 1) PDF Ebook copy of "The Perfect You" (Self-Help & Self-Hypnosis Techniques) which usually Retails for $19.97 at this link - https://sellfy.com/p/A4si/ 2) Audio MP3 recording of "Life Changes" which retails on this site for $19.70 at this link: https://sellfy.com/p/oyN7/ 3) The Actual HYPNO-TITS, Home Hypnotherapy Audio MP3 Treatment Session specifically targeted at helping you to increase your Breast size whilst becoming 100% totally comfortable, confident and at ease within all parts of your body. VALUE = PRICELESS. Follow the instructions within this package and do exactly as advised and we feel sure that you will feel numerous Posiitive Benefits as a Result.