LOOK INTO MY EYES - The Real Truth About Hypnosis


Within this truly Unique and Eye opening package you will gain access to 17 videos which between them contain well over Sixteen Hours of easy to follow Step by Step training in all areas of Hypnosis, NLP and related Persuasion Techniques.

Filmed at Jonathan Royle's “Hypnotism Exposed” Three Day training event in London during July 2015, these videos contain the Pure Essence of everything that Royle has ever learnt, done or experienced over his past almost 25 years as a Stage Hypnotist and almost 26 years treating people successfully with Hypnotherapy and related Psychological Treatment Strategies.

Indeed it would be true to say that this is, without doubt, the ideal set to introduce you to Royle's often Controversial, Thought Provoking and Belief Shaking teaching approach.

You will benefit from learning elements of every style and approach of Hypnosis that you could think of (covering both Therapy and Stage) and will along the way discover the best, cheapest and most reliable sources to expand your knowledge further in any specific area that you wish to investigate and master more deeply.

Amongst the Techniques, Strategies, and Step by Step Real World, Tried, Tested and Consistently Proven To Work approaches and methods that you will learn are:

*The Seven Psychological and Emotional Keys to every Human Beings Problems and how to Positively manipulate them to help them to easily, effectively and permanently overcome any Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias or indeed any other Problem or issue that they may have from A through to Z.

*The Four Psychological Foundations of the Mind that are always both the underlying cause of every persons problems and also most always (99% of the time) also the route to overcoming and positively reversing and/or eliminating such things forever.

*Why everything you thought you knew about Hypnosis, NLP and related Psychological Talking Therapies and Treatment Techniques is in fact wrong and how facing up to the truth will make you a far more successful Mind Therapy Practitioner.

*The Shocking Truth About Pain and Pleasure, how they hold people back in life and often amplify so called “problems” and so called “health” issues and how you can help people to overcome these blocks with ease.

*How to Hi-Jack a clients misconceptions and distorted views of reality and use those misconceptions and distorted views to your own (and their) positive advantage to Hypnotise them more rapidly, more deeply and more effectively than most “Hypnotists” would ever be able to.

*Yes indeed discover how to actually enable the vast majority of people you Hypnotize for Therapy to truly, genuinely and sincerely experience that MAGIC feeling of being truly “out of it” and “deep under like a Zombie” that so many of them have come to believe is the experience of Hypnosis from watching Films and TV Shows.

*Guaranteed techniques to display and have the client/volunteer truly experience Amazing Hypnotic Phenomena such as their eyelids apparently becoming glued together and them being genuinely unable to open them or for example them being unable to say their own name out loud and how to use these to increase your success both as a Therapy Practitioner and/or Comedy Stage Hypnotist.

*The Late and Great Dave Elman's most powerful Secret and Technique is finally taught and explained fully and correctly for the very first time. Hidden in plain sight for decades, this technique will enable you to almost instantly have practically 100% success in meeting complete strangers and within a matter of seconds or a few short minutes having them experience the reality of their Foot being Stuck to the floor, their arm stuck to the wall, their eyes glued shut being impossible to open, their name having vanished and them not being able to say it and indeed a whole host of other similar mind blowing stunts will also become instantly possible for you when you have learnt and understand this Powerful Technique!

*The Placebo Effect and how to harness its power in the most Ethical and Effective manner is discussed, demonstrated and taught in great detail and this section of the training alone will make you a far more effective Hypnotist than any previous study you may have done or previous training you may have had.

*The correct uses of Disorientation and Confusion Techniques, together with the effective and ethical manipulation of peoples Beliefs, Expectancy, Perceptions and Emotions are all covered in a truly eye opening manner.

*Discover all of the most (until now) jealously guarded insider secrets of the 14 year old boy, who after listening to just three hours of audio recordings and reading an approx 68 page manual started a successful Hypnotherapy Practice literally overnight and now almost 26 years on is considered by many as one of the World's Most Successful Hypnotists. If this true story does not give you more confidence to succeed and achieve true success as a Hypnotist, whether for Therapy and/or Entertainment Purposes then frankly nothing will ever do the trick!

*Learn from the most valuable lessons of the very Young Teenager whose First Stage Hypnosis Show Failed Miserably. Discover exactly why it all went wrong and what this teaches you to enable you to become a far more effective and successful Comedy Stage Hypnotist.

*Controversial, Shocking, Eye Opening, Thought Provoking and dangerously close to triggering Legal Action against himself for Libel/Slander and/or Defamation of Character (despite everything he states being 100% true) Royle's Real World experiences of “Miracles Cures” on Television or Radio Shows and in the Print Media by so called “Famous Name” Life Coaches and Therapy Practitioners around the World, will both anger, shock and delight you in equal measures.

*The True Psychology and real “Power” of the Comedy Stage Hypnotist is revealed and it has very little (if anything) to do with so called Hypnosis whatsoever. This is a real game changer, understand this fully and you will immediately gain more consistent and successful results with all your Stage and/or Street Hypnosis Performances.

*The Ridiculously easy to implement Secrets of Profitable Group Hypnotherapy Treatment Seminars are taught enabling you to potentially earn many thousands of $$$/£££ each night for just a few hours work.

*The World Famous NLP Fast Phobia Cure is taught with added improvements to help make it even more effective.

*Every element and individual nuance of Royle's Unique “Complete Mind Therapy” CMT treatment approach is revealed, including some insights and tips that he has never revealed on camera before. Study and implement these teachings and you have no excuses for not being able to change the vast majority of your clients life's for the better within a single 60 to 90 minute session ever again!

*Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (M.E.L.T) is the umbrella name for some massively effective and truly rapid treatment techniques that take just a few minutes to use and yet have regularly produced often “Miraculous” seeming Long Lasting Positive Life Changes for Clients and Royle will teach you everything you'll ever need to know for success with these techniques.

*For the first time on video Royle goes into some depth about using Hypnosis for Painless Child Birth, and as you'll witness during your viewing of these recordings, a Professional Mid Wife is present at the event and regularly confirms what Royle states to be True and of real use in the real world.

*Several of The Most Rapid, Powerful and Effective Rapid Hypnotic Induction Techniques are taught from The Erickson & Bandler Hand Shake Induction, The Postural Sway Drop Back Induction and The Elman Eye Closure Induction on the one hand to The Guaranteed Locked Hands over Face and Robert Temple's amazing “See-Saw” Induction on the other.

*Plus numerous other approaches and techniques to ensure that you'll be able to Hypnotise more people, more rapidly, more deeply and more consistently and successfully than ever before whether it is for use in the Consulting Room or in a Stage or Street Environment. *Numerous “Set Pieces” and “Suggestion Tests” are both demonstrated, taught and explained, together with the True Psychology of how to use these to ensure increased success with any Therapy and/or Comedy Routines that may follow.

*Royle also reveals exactly how to make massive profits using the skills you will learn in this package to enable you to produce, market and profit big time from your own Hypnotic Style Products in a manner where you could be earning big money even whilst you are asleep at night.

*Proven techniques of Advertising, Marketing, Publicity and Promotion are also revealed ensuring that you can attract a constant stream of high paying clients for your Therapy and/or Entertainment Services.

Imagine if you had the chance to sit down for over 16 Hours with the one of the Worlds Most Successful Hypnotherapy Practitioners and Comedy Stage Hypnotists. Imagine if that person was arguably responsible for the original training and/or ongoing Coaching of the Vast Majority of the Worlds Most Successful Hypnotherapists and Comedy Stage Hypnotists.

Imagine if they shared with you THE REAL SECRETS of Success in the Hypnosis Industry....

Imagine if they left absolutely no stone unturned and truly taught you EXACTLY how they did it and are still doing it, EXACTLY how their most Successful Students around the World are doing it and EXACTLY how you could be doing the same too and potentially achieving levels of Success far greater than you previously ever dreamed possible.

Now Stop Imagining AS THIS IS REAL and by studying the contents of this unique package and also the Three Comprehensive Home Study Manuals that you are also given Access to, you could indeed achieve everything mentioned above.

But and this is a very important BUT....

You will only ever achieve Ultimate Success as a Hypnotist when you TAKE ACTION on what you are taught and learn in this package.

So do yourself a huge favour and TAKE ACTION NOW by clicking “Buy It Now” and securing your Passport to stage one of your future success.

Whilst individual results cannot be guaranteed, what we can GUARANTEE you is that this package contains tons of the Biggest Success Secrets of the Worlds Richest and Most Famous Hypnotherapists and Life Coaches, together with those of the leading Comedy Stage Hypnotists and that they will only work for you when you TAKE ACTION.

Note: This footage was filmed on a camcorder at a Live Training Event, approx 20 minutes of the first session were lost due to a camera malfunction, also be aware that the sound and visuals are not Television Broadcast Quality however THEY ARE MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH for you to learn everything stated above and start to put it into action in your work as a Hypnotist.


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