NAVEL GAZER - Comedy Mentalism Graphology & Pseudo Psychometry Routines

Navel Gazer

Comedy Mentalism Graphology & Psychometry Routines


By way of the minute long training video and instructional photo illustrated PDF supplied you will learn 3 different methods for performing versions of Ted Annemans Pseudo Psychometry and Fogels Second Spot Routines.

Royle Reveals the method he has used on numerous Television Shows to have 5 people write a sentence or proverb on a Postcard whilst his back is turned.

These cards are then mixed and by studying the handwriting and also in Royles case using “Navel Gazing” where he studies the volunteers Belly Buttons to reveal their Personality and also details of their Past, Present and Future, he is able to return the correct cards to the correct people.

He also reveals his method for using five small padded envelopes into which people can place a personal object and ultimately which you are then able to return to the correct person by sensing the energy from the object, observing their body language, studying their Belly Button or indeed by any other presentational context you so desire.

Finally he shows you how to achieve the same kind of routine using ordinary paper bags.

These are all methods which can be put together with a simple trip to the stationery store and about 2 minutes of preperation work, making them ideal if your luggage ever goes missing on a flight and you need something to give you 10 to 15 minutes of fast paced Magical and Mind Reading Entertainment.

And if you follow Royle's advice on “Belly Button Reading” as a gimmick this could become one of the funniest and most memorable routines in your show, as it is in Royles, which you will witness on the enclosed performance videos.

These are methods which even those with bad eyesight and those perfoming under bad lighting conditions will find 100% surefire.