Proudly Presented by Aladdin's Magic & Jonathan Royle

Devised by the Late Mo Howarth, based on ideas by the Late George Sands and with rave reviews from World Class Magicians, we are delighted to finally be able to bring you Mo Howarth's Legendary Chinese Poker routine.

The performance video above featuring Jonathan Royle & Kevin Potter of Aladdin's Magic, to whom Mo Howarth most recently granted sales & distributions rights to this trick really speaks for itself in illustrating how truly Magical, Entertaining & Commercial this trick really is.

Presented either as a Conventional Packet Trick with apparently just 4 cards being removed from your pocket or as Royle demonstrates in the video you can start with a full deck that can be shuffled by an audience member in advance, then 4 cards are selected at random by spectators and you appear to use these 4 randomly chosen cards to perform the routine.

By far one of the most eye popping and magical tricks ever devised with the cards turning face upwards and then face down again, faces changing from one thing to another and all back designs changing colour, plus other surprises along the way this is a fast moving truly memorable routine.

Even more exciting is the fact that only one extremely simple Sleight is used during “Chinese Poker” and that within this package we also show you how this can easily be used as a feature Cabaret or Stage routine as well as in your Close-Up & Table Hopping work.

Your download includes a large format (A4) Photo illustrated 28 page PDF and access to several step by step training videos teaching you exactly how to perform both variations of this routine and explaining how to easily make up the required cards from old odd packs (as the back designs used can be changed to what you have available) you no doubt have lying around.

“I had the pleasure many years ago of seeing Mo Howarth perform Chinese Poker and I thought it was fantastic. If it is being re-released it should go straight in your Close up Set.”
Harry Robson – Award Winning Magician & Magic Dealer

Wow what a stunning effect!! I had never seen that effect before but it blew me away with a great premise and the having the colour changes in the routine as well as the faces changing. I'm sure it will go down a storm with the online poker craze at the moment so very topical. Great to see an old trick being re-released as I'm sure there is a ton of young Magicians out there who will never have seen it before either, well done!
James Kennedy - Scotland

Chinese poker is a great effect. Extremely Commercial and easy to do, it's
a real fooler for any audience with a nice story line. I used to perform this and you have just reminded me how good it really is 10/10
Carl Royle – Leading UK Close-Up Magician

“I have just watched the routine "Chinese Poker" and was very impressed. This can be performed by a Magician that only requires to learn one very easy sleight. It’s a great effect with each turn of the cards and a killer finish. Great effect for a lay audience”
Dave Rawson - (Magician & Hypnotist) England

“For such a simple trick to learn & perform, this is one of the most action packed, fast moving and eye popping truly memorable routines that I have ever had the pleasure to perform to real world audiences.”
Jonathan Royle - England

“Chinese Poker has been by far one of my favourite and most performed Close-Up routines for well over 30 years now and I am delighted to finally be able to honour Mo Howarth's memory by bringing this to a wider audience”
Kevin Potter – Aladdin's Magic – UK