Visible Magic Linking Jelly Sweet Gummy Finger Rings

Visible Magic Linking Jelly Sweet Gummy Finger Rings


The short demonstration video says it all really as quite simply the audience witness you take two Gummy Sweet Finger Rings, tap them together and they visually and visibly link together in front of their eyes in the most amazing manner and YES they could be examined once linked.

Within the short PDF and approx 10 minute teaching video download you will be taught how to approach a table empty handed and indeed able to show your hands cleanly empty before you take a small sealed bag of mixed gummy sweets and open them in front of your audience.

They will then witness you remove two single finger rings from the bag that has just been opened before you tap them together and make them visibly link together at which point they can if desired be examined and found to be genuinely linked together.

In these mixed bags of gummy sweets you also get Cola Bottles and with these could incorporate a two in the hand and one in the pocket style routine ending with the production of a giant gummy cola bottle which is something else mentioned within this package to get you thinking.

A little practice will be needed (and care) to master making the gimmicks used in this routine, but once you have got the hang of that, the actual performance of this visual miracle that audiences (especially children) love is relatively easy to master.