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The most powerful technology for bringing rapid change in peoples' lives is NLP. NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

It's so powerful, in fact, that the early pioneers of NLP have each taken their skills (and incomes) to undreamt of levels, while helping millions of people to: FEEL better THINK more clearly MAKE more money than they ever thought possible

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I know that’s what you need, so I brought together all of the knowledge, information and experience I could cram into just two days, and then invited the most motivated professionals who thirsted for even more knowledge to join me.

More than 40 experienced Professional Mind Therapists, Hypnotherapists, NLP Master Practitioners, Meridian Energy Therapists, Stage Hypnotists, Psychic Entertainers, Mentalism Experts and other Hypnotism Specialists gathered together from all over the world for two mind blowing days to learn the true inside secrets of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and my own unique creation of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT).

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You’ll learn all you need to know in order to both be a highly confident and highly skilled change work therapist, including the true secrets and shortcut approaches to learning and successfully using:

♦ Mirroring ♦ Pacing ♦ Rapport ♦ Recognition ♦ Sensory Representational Systems ♦ Auditory ♦ Olfactory & Gustatory ♦ Calibration ♦ Real World Body Language Secrets ♦ Therapeutic Use of Time Lines ♦ Social Psychology ♦ Pre-Suppositions, Assumptions & So Called NLP Mind Reading ♦ Correct Use of Voice Tone, Speed, Embedded & Subliminal Verbal Suggestions ♦ Matching ♦ Leading ♦ Observation ♦ Leadership ♦ Visual ♦ Kinesthetic ♦ So Called VAKOG Modelling ♦ Eye Accessing Cues & Signals ♦ Future Pacing ♦ Rapid Conditioning ♦ Changing Perception & Belief ♦ Secrets of Pain & Pleasure in Everyday Life & Therapeutic Change ♦ The Real Work on Nonverbal Suggestions

Amongst Dozens of Other Powerful Techniques Imagine your life 10, 100, even 1000 days from now, when you have completed your training at your own pace, whenever you want, in the comfort of your own home. Imagine how you will be using your new skills to change lives. Imagine how different your life will be as a Respected Professional with the power of NLP at your fingertips.

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You’ll have the knowledge & competence to finish this course as an Advanced Practitioner in Clinical & Medical Style Hypnotherapy Treatment Methods.

Usually you’d have to take a separate course on top of your NLP training to learn these jealously guarded real world Hypnotic Secrets.

Plus, for the first time ever, discover absolutely everything you’ll ever need to know about the Unique One Session Treatment Approach of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) which combines the most powerful NLP & Hypnotic Techniques into a mind blowing, life changing treatment approach which can (and does) successfully treat most any person, with most any problem (however serious) within a single maximum Sixty Minute Session.

That’s just the tip of this psychotherapeutic iceberg!

During the course, experiencing the videos of the Two Day Event you’ll also learn about:

Eliciting different States and Emotions in your clients, as well as breaking states

Positive & Negative Memory Association and also Disassociation Anchoring, Stacking Anchors, Collapsing Anchors, the role of positive & negative triggers in life & how this relates to the Pavlovian Syndrome The Meta-Model use of salesman style open ended and closed questions to increase your success as a Therapist Precision Language & my own streamlined approach to what many call “Sleight of Mouth”- the real world use of semantics for positive treatment success The Milton Model and correct use of Vague Language Patterns in therapy

The use of “double binds" The effective powerful use of Visualization Techniques Reframing the client's thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, desires and experiences for positive change, plus even more amazing and useful techniques STOP for a moment, shut out everyone else and listen to your own thoughts...

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What if you already mastered these key skills: Deletions, Distortions & Generalisations Behavioural frames, generating new positive behaviour Pain & Pleasure, its impact on Therapy Congruence, perceptual positions The use of complex equivalents, modal operators Cause & effect Hypnotic and NLP language pattern approaches

The Famous Fast Phobia Cure Effective use of metaphors, magical stories and numerous NLP techniques What if you had all the power, the skills, the knowledge in your hands right now?

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The famous “pattern interrupt” handshake hypnotic induction method amongst numerous other slow, rapid and even Instant Hypnotic Induction Techniques Inexhaustible high powered Suggestibility Tests and Imagination Exercises Powerful secrets of turning these into powerful hypnotic inductions All you have to do is take action FAST!

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Simple Trance Deepening Methods Awakening Techniques Covert Mind Distraction Approaches Elman and Ericsonian Hypnotic Techniques Convincers If that wasn’t enough, how about a Onetime Free Bonus?

As a Special Free Bonus you’ll also witness as I demonstrate (and then teach you) my own unique and EASY approach to Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other Meridian Energy treatment methods which I personally use to completely and permanently remove a client's emotional (or other) problems in less than two minutes flat.

How about Bonus #2?!

I also reveal the True Secrets of Instant Pain Control, my own experience and use of Dr. Angel Escudero’s amazing “Noesitherapy” treatment approach. Of course I fully explain how to achieve Anaesthesia and/or Analgesia for use in medical operations as was witnessed on television's “Hypno-Surgery” live show! You’ll also witness and learn the insider secrets to pain control, where you can turn your client (or yourself) into a “Human Pincushion” as needles are thrust through your, or his or her body with no pain or discomfort whatsoever!

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I teach you simple Rapid Past Life Regression Techniques, and also demonstrate and teach the intelligent use of Ideo Motor response (IMR) in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP Treatments.

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So you can make money and build your practice, I also will give you my powerful Advertising, Marketing & Promotion techniques. These will rocket you to success with your new therapy business!

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To drive you into a personal growth state of ecstasy, I throw in all of the Building Blocks which will provide you with the real keys to becoming a Master Practitioner NLP Hypnotherapist - enable you to devise your own powerful treatment approaches and techniques!

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Bonus #6! And out of my own unbridled contempt for mediocre entertainers, I decided to give you everything you need so you can perform a successful Stage Hypnotism show if you have a bit of the entertainer in you or you can run your own successful Group Treatment Sessions. Gather groups of people for Mass Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Confidence Building and more. Either way, you'll bask in the truth about crowd psychology and as I show you how to use it to your advantage! After all, you’re ready for success finally, aren’t you?

Each morning you wake up in the future as a Master Practitioner NLP Hypnotherapist will be the start to another successful day as a respected professional making money and building a flourishing practice. The reality is NLP works.

That's why people flock to attend the very pricy NLP Practitioner Trainings, and then shell out even more thousands to take part in NLP Master Practitioner Trainings . . . followed by the King's Ransom charged for NLP Trainer's Training.

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“Royle has a straightforward approach, there is a wealth of knowledge and intelligence taught during this course and I’d recommend you to get them!” - JONATHAN T. BAXTER

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Here’s what you get: Ten Amazing Information Packed Instructional videos of the entire Two Day “NLP & HYPNOSIS EXPOSED” training weekend.

Nothing has been edited out, these show things exactly as if you’d attended in person and were filmed on broadcast quality cameras by professional camera operators.

A copy of my tell-all gargantuan 513 Paged Explosive Book “Confessions Of A Hypnotist” – subtitled “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hypnosis But Were Afraid To Ask!” supplied as instant download Several other personally selected manuals and courses, also supplied as instant downloads, which will teach you even more about NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotic Seduction and other Powerful related techniques. You’re probably already thinking of buying the Video Set PLUS Training Course today. Then let me add a few free gifts available if you order right now.

Free Gift Video #1

My colleague, international hypnotist and airline captain, Captain Ian Robertson has made available his shortcuts to Crew Resource Management (CRM) which prove useful when using NLP & Hypnosis in the Corporate Arena. Also he’ll discuss proven strategies for the successful treatment of flying phobias.

Free Gift Video #2

This one is called “NLP Made Easy.” This video helps simplify what you will learn in far greater depth on the Ten Volume Set. This entire course is designed specifically for those people wanting to use NLP & Hypnotic Techniques for the Therapeutic Treatment of Clients and also for those wishing to move into the areas of Life Coaching and/or Counselling. Of course, the methods taught are also very powerful for Corporate Treatment and Training as is also explained.