In his former stage name of Alex-Leroy, Jonathan Royle, way back in 1994 released the book "Hypnotism & Sex" subtitled "How To Get Laid 365+ times a Year using Hypnotic Techniques"

After many years, in around 2010 he was persuaded to conduct a one time only Live Training event detailing and revealing all of his most up to date, tried, tested and proven to consistently work Psychological Pick Up and Rapid Attraction and Seduction Techniques and now you have a chance to grab the raw and uncut video recordings of that closed doors private event.

You get online viewing access to Five Video Files which between them contain a total of 5 Hours and 33 Minutes of Action Packed, direct to the point, No Waffle, No Padding, NO Bullshit, Secrets, Ploys, Strategies and Techniques that will make you way more successful at winning the game of Attraction and getting Laid.

From Embedded Hypnotic Language Patterns and Subliminal Persuasion Techniques, through to Body language that actually works in the real world to mind-blowing Secrets of Magic, Mentalism and Mind Control and how to use them in order to become the instantly most desired person in the room, no stone is left unturned in this revealing, eye opening and often shocking and controversial training set.

You'll discover the real truth about Social Dynamics and will also learn many real world techniques that the majority of other so called PUA Experts and Trainers either don't know or frankly are just too scared to teach you, as most likely not having been taught them correctly, the chances are they have not mastered them for themselves!

REMEMBER = Royle in his former stage name has been featured in both UK National Media Publications and also in/on International Television/Radio Shows and in Magazines and Newspapers as a TRUE EXPERT OF HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION & PUA TECHNIQUES on a regular basis since 1993.....

In other-words he is one of the BEST KEPT SECRET'S of the PUA Community.

The simple fact is that if you study and put into action what is taught within this Unique and Unrivaled video training, and you also read Royles book "Hypnotism & Sex" also available as a download from this site, then the chances are, you will never need to invest money into anything else again as you will have the REAL SECRETS of how to consistently be hugely successful and how to get your leg over, and over, and over with ease.

WARNING = This video training contains often shocking and graphic sexual language and descriptions (especially the sections explaining how to be the hottest lover that she will ever have experienced) and should not be purchased if you are easily offended.

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