You 3 Perfect Intro x Picture Pack
You 3 Perfect Midi & Loop Kit
You 3 Perfect Ultimate Prod Bundle
You 2 Perfect Loop & Midi Kit
You Perfect (Loop Kit)
Ryu Perfect DrumKit w/Perfect Loop Kit
Sensei's RARE Flute Sample Pack
Mask Off Remake Flp w/Kit&Samples
Secrets Of Zaytoven Begginers Bundle W/Bando Kit (Midi Kit & Bando Drumkit)
The Zaytoven Way (Zaytoven Helpers) Midi Kit Vol.1
The Cant Finesse Bundle Pack
Dp x London Uzi Mini DrumKit
Everything MexikoDro Mini DrumKit
The ProducersBlock Kit Vol. 1
The NoKey! DrumKit
ForTrappersOnly Kit
The Bando Kit Vol. 1


Whats up Guys! Johnny Cage Banger here. Grab the latest producer Kits here! Check out my tutorials on Youtube!


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