Silver Christmas Pack v.2
Purple Christmas pack
Wooden red christmas pack
Lux Christmas Pack
PvC Christmas Pack
Crystal Christmas Pack
Golden Christmas Pack
Silver Christmas Pack
Green Christmas pack
Naos Pack
Naos Night Pack
Dark Angry Luna
Summer Dream Pack
Tiki Dream Pack
Blue Dream Pack
Alien Glass Ocean Pack
Alien Glass Berry Pack
PvC Madness Pack
Dragon Japanese Pack
Silver Illusion Pack
Dj's Hard Pack
PvC Purple Pack w/anim. Speakers
PvC Pink Pack w/anim. Speakers
Pillows Pack
Summer Green Pack
Cosmic Purple Pack
Dark Gold Lux Pack
Couch Leathers & Pillows Pack
Supra Night Pack
Supra Purple Pack
Supra Lux Pack
Skiller Blue Night Pack
Toxic Sunset Pack
dUb This Pack w/anim. Speakers
Enigma Pack
Night Poison Pack
Dream Pink Palace Pack
Luxury Wooden Pack
Sensations Pillows Pack
Tropic Flower Pack
Gothic Doll House Pack
Fobos In Darkness Pack
Virtual Lux Night Pack
Wooden Empire Pack
Dark Lolita Bow Pack
Dark Fobia Pack
Rad Fobia Pack
Summer Lux Pack
Summer Teal Pack
PVC Xyla Gothica Pack
Leo Lux Pack
Wooden City Pack
Night Elegant PALAZZO Pack
Night Red PALAZZO Pack


i'm 7 Years on Imvu Selling High Quality Meshes & Textures for all Creator's.


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