Phoenix Qigong DVD

Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing - the healing qigong.

The Phoenix Qigong is effective and powerful, basing on profound Taoist practices for merging with nature through breathing methods and the command of internal energy flow.

The practice clears blockages, discards toxins, improves immunity, realigns joints, relieves pain and brings back balance of body and mind.

The Phoenix DVD has 21 instruction videos dubbed in English with precise step by step explanation on the crucial methods of training into a high level of practice in tai chi and qigong.

The Phoenix DVD includes detail illustration on each of the sixteen stances and demonstrations of the Phoenix form in front and back view.

The Phoenix practice takes a few minutes everyday, the benefits last a lifetime.

The link leads to download of a zip file containing 21 video files in MP4 format. The zip file of 1.8GB has to be unzipped to access the video files inside.