Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing interactive e-book

This is a fixed format interactive e-book with instruction videos and pictures for easy reference and training.

The entire Phoenix Qigong DVD with 21 instruction videos is embedded in the e-book. Practitioners can watch and listen to the instruction videos dubbed in English while reading through the inner thoughts reflected in the book. 

Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing - the healing qigong

The Phoenix book covers:
why and how the soft motion brings benefits to health,
energy gathering, energy accumulation,
dan tian (the inner core) formation,
the method and explanation of how energy can pass through channels in the body,
and how energy flow of the channels regulates energy flow in the meridians,
energy flow in the meridians improves immunity,
realign the joints to relieve pain, 
clear blockages, discard toxic and maintain a balance of body and mind.

The Phoenix book documents the crucial aspects of qigong for long term refinement.
The Phoenix videos illustrate with precise instructions the crucial methods in tai chi and qigong for easy learning and long term perfection.