The Filmmaker's Combo (CINE SCENES + BASE TITLES)

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The complete LUTs and Titles package from Joe Allam
This combo pack contains all LUTs from CINE SCENES URBAN.01 and BASE TITLES animated title templates for Premiere Pro.


Beautiful, elegant, and flexible — Animated title templates for Premiere Pro

Featuring 40+ themes, an extensive library of icons and full customisation of colour and fonts; these animated titles are a tastefully designed collection of templates built with usability and efficiency at their core.

Only compatible with Premiere Pro 2020 (v14.0 and later)

Over 3 years in the making, these templates are an evolution of the titles seen on the Joe Allam YouTube channel, built to a professional, consistent and premium-quality standard.

Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 and later
These title templates feature the latest technologies and usability features found in the Motion Graphics Template standards (.mogrt) v1.6 and later. As a result, the titles are only compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 14.x and later (released November 2019 as Premiere Pro 2020).

Make sure to update your Premiere Pro to the latest version via the Creative Cloud app. A full guide for installation and using these titles are included with every purchase. Learn more about MOGRTs in Premiere Pro.

What's included
There are 18x core title templates (.mogrt format) in 4K UHD resolution, with a multitude of design options within each. Every title features a choice of 40+ themes, for easy and consistent visual adjustments throughout your whole production. Complete custom colour control is also available for every element, along with complete font customisation via Adobe Fonts (included with your Creative Cloud subscription).

Many of the titles feature iconography in the design, of which there is an extensive library of icons included, to fit your narrative needs.

18x core title designs

Design customisation

Integrated custom icon library
Icons for a variety of video needs are included, with the possibility of extensions in the future via updates.

40+ themes included
Match all your required titles to the same theme, for a consistent visual experience. Furthermore, quickly adjust the colours to an alternate variation with a single click, for times when background colours compromise visibility.

How to use
After installation, simply drag and drop the title templates from your Essential Graphics panel into your timeline. Populate the text fields with your required text and adjust the design parameters to your needs. Either browse for the templates individually, or install them in the designated system folder location for permanent access:

Mac — Macintosh HD/username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates/
PC — root://Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates/
Learn more about installing MOGRTs in Premiere Pro

Customise to your own needs and branding

Plus more titles...

9x LUTs for colour grading video footage

Inspired by everyday urban destinations around the world, these look-up-tables (LUTs) offer a professional base to colour grade your video footage. Great attention has been directed towards various urban textures and scenes, to produce exceptional results across most cameras.

These LUTs follow on from the hugely popular URBAN CHROME and URBAN STONE Lightroom Preset series and are stylistically designed to creatively enhance the cinematic feel of urban scenes, found around the world. With bespoke colour tonality, hue, saturation, luminance and contrast adjustments at micro-levels; careful attention has been paid to maximise the flexibility and quality of these LUTs.

Save time colour grading your footage and get consistent results, every time you edit videos!

Compatible with ALL cameras
With heavy attention to the tones and textures of various urban scenes, these LUTs will work exceptionally well across all camera manufacturers, including Panasonic, Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon and more.

Unfortunately, not all cameras are created equally, with some manufacturers applying more colour processing than others. For best results, apply these LUTs to footage with natural/flat colour profiles and tweak exposure and strength settings as necessary. Log footage will likely require further adjustments depending on the brand of camera, but these LUTs will offer a great finish for colour tonality and hues, once the footage has been "normalised".

Due to the more restrictive nature of video formats, over RAW photography, the highest attention should be made to capturing accurate exposure and white balance settings, at the time of filming, in-camera.

Every scene is different, so further tweaking and experimentation may be needed when applying these LUTs. Consistency as a base is the greatest value of applying LUTs to footage.

How to use
Premiere Pro Users — With a clip selected in the timeline, open
Window Lumetri Color then navigate to the Creative tab and choose a LUT via the Look drop-down. Either browse for the file individually or place them in the designated system folder location for permanent access:

Mac — Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/LUTs/Creative
PC — C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\LUTs\Creative
Learn more about LUTs in Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro X Users — With a clip selected, open the Inspector via Window Show in Workspace Inspector select the info button. Change the metadata view to either General, Extended or Settings. Select the Camera LUT pop-up menu and choose
Add Custom Camera LUT, select the designated LUT file (.cube only).
Learn more about LUTs in Final Cut Pro X

What's included
There are 9 "looks" in this package (in both .cube and .3dl file format). Every piece of footage is different, so further tweaking and experimentation may be needed. Continue reading for more information and visuals about each style.

A full .pdf document with installation instructions and sample images is also included within the download.

These LUTs are, suitable for the latest versions of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X, along with any other video software that support LUTs via the .cube and .3dl file formats. 

These look-up-tables (LUTs) are best used on footage captured in a flat picture profile (lower contrast, sharpening and saturation). Most DSLRs, mirrorless and many compact cameras allow customisation of picture profiles/styles. For flexibility when editing, shoot in a profile such as Cinelike-D (Panasonic) or Cine4 (Sony), or customise an existing profile for a flatter image.

Using apps such as FiLMiC Pro or Moment Camera offer the best options for footage captured on an iPhone.

9x LUTs for video colour grading

JA – Bright Soft

JA – Cine Dark

JA – Cool Punch

JA – Intense Hit

JA – Moody Mute

JA – Personal Cooling

JA – Personal Warming

JA – Urban Pop

JA – Urban Standard

Licensing options
The Filmmaker's Combo is available in two licensing options, depending on the intended use of BASE TITLES. Select the correct license for you when adding the product to basket.

Personal — Suitable for individual content creators and completely acceptable for any form of personal video, including monetised videos on social platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, where the account is representative of an individual.

Corporate / Business — Suitable for all video productions, this license grants full use of these title templates for any form of personal or corporate production/broadcast, including monetised videos on social platforms for business use.

I hope you enjoy these LUTs and titles — I look forward to seeing your posts via social media with the hashtags #JACineScenes, #JALUTs, #JABaseTitles and #JATitles



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