URBAN CHROME vol.2 — 27x Lightroom Edit Presets

27x Lightroom edit styles
Inspired by urban Japan, these Adobe Lightroom presets offer a professional base to edit your images of any genre, for a unique and eye-catching style.

These presets follow on from  the highly popular vol.1 and are stylistically created to assist more with night time cinematic looking shots, as well as regular everday urban scenes.

Save time editing your photos and get consistent results, every time you use Lightroom!

Video tutorial
Watch how I edit photos using these presets:

Compatible with ALL cameras
With heavy attention to the cleanliness and shininess of urban Japan, these presets will work exceptionally well across all camera manufacturers, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and more.

Though inspired by Japan, these presets will also work very well with photos from any location around the world!

How to use
Simply follow the included instruction PDF to load the presets into Lightroom. With your selected image in the develop mode, click the chosen preset from the presets panel on the left, to apply a unique look.

It's incredibly fast and easy to improve your images!

For best results, due to every image being different, apply these presets first and further tweak exposure settings as necessary. These presets should be used for tonality and colour variations primarily, with further adjustments to take your photos even further!

These presets will still work with JPG photos, although RAW images are recommended, for even greater control.

What's included
There are 27 "looks" in this package (in .xmp or .lrtemplate file format), with each look also offering an (Auto) option that will attempt to correct any incorrect exposure settings automatically. Every photo is different, so further tweaking and experimentation may be needed. Continue reading for more information and visuals about each set of styles.

Fujifilm bonus!
As an added bonus for Fujifilm shooters, each of the looks is also available in Classic Chrome variation for that extra Fujifilm magic! (Raw photos only)

27x Lightroom edit styles

For a dark, moody and cinematic look to your illuminated night shots
JA – Cine Night 1
JA – Cine Night 2
JA – Cine Night 3
JA – Cine Night 4
JA – Cine Night 5

Control shadow/highlight contrast with colour contrast to accentuate shiny urban textures and details
JA – Controlled Contrast 1
JA – Controlled Contrast 2
JA – Controlled Contrast 3
JA – Controlled Contrast 4

Bright, subtle adjustments for a faded and calming aesthetic, reminiscent of analogue film stock
JA – Faded Soft 1
JA – Faded Soft 2
JA – Faded Soft 3

Perfect for scenes in bright daylight with shaded areas of darkness to give urban scenes a unique personality
JA – Harsh Shade 1
JA – Harsh Shade 2

A stylised look to give your night shots an artistic flair of futuristic candy
JA – Night Candy 1

Texturise your night images with a chrome styling and pop the key details with impressive colour contrast
JA – Night Pop 1
JA – Night Pop 2
JA – Night Pop 3
JA – Night Pop 4

Maintain delicate highlights and let the shadows fall comfortably into the distance for a stylised character
JA – Shaded Light 1
JA – Shaded Light 2
JA – Shaded Light 3
JA – Shaded Light 4
JA – Shaded Light 5

Make your daytime subjects pop with detail and energy, using vibrant colour contrast and shadow control
JA – Static Pop 1
JA – Static Pop 2
JA – Static Pop 3

I hope you enjoy these presets and I look forward to seeing your posts via social media with the hashtags #JAUrbanChrome and #JApresets



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