The VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ Project v3.0

The VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ Project

(For X-Plane 11)

The VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ Project for X-Plane was developed with Burt Rutan's permission (it is an independent VSKYLABS project which is not affiliated with Burt Rutan). The project is based on the design of the Long-EZ (NR79RA) prototype.

Project highlights:
  • The project is designed and engineered around the original 1980 'LONG-EZ Plans' and 'Pilot Operating Handbook' (N79RA). As a result, the VSKYLABS Rutan LongEZ Owner's manual is based on the real LongEZ owner's manual. The manual for the VSKYLABS LongEZ aircraft can be downloaded for free.
  • Two variants included: Fully equipped Analog cockpit + 2x7" G1000 bundle cockpit.
  • The core of the project is a superb flight dynamics model with authentic aircraft performance and handling characteristics.
  • All LongEZ unique aerodynamics and systems are being simulated: Authentic handling, LongEZ stall characteristics, aircraft performance, Speed brakes (belly + Rudder brakes), On-ground retractable nose-gear and more!
  • Designed for X-Plane's latest Experimental flight model environment.
  • Aeromatic propeller configuration is simulated (fully automatic variable pitch propeller).
  • Highly detailed and animated aircraft model.
  • AMAZING LongEZ VR experience! Highly detailed and functional 'VR-Ready' 3D cockpit environment.
  • FMOD sounds engineered for enhanced flying experience, including high AoA buffeting, ground vibrations, wind noises and more!
  • IFR capability (both analog and G1000 variants).
  • Autopilot - Experimental/LSA grade autopilot is included in the analog cockpit variant, and fully-capable GA grade autopilot in the G1000 variant.
  • STMA Autoupdater plugin - included.
  • Project under constant development!
For more information, please visit the project's page at the VSKYLABS website:

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