The VSKYLABS C-47 Skytrain Flying Lab Project AU build 3.0b1

The DC-3/C-47 is a fixed-wing propeller-driven airliner. Its great performance - range of approximately 1500 miles and speed of above 200 Miles per Hour, revolutionized air transportation in the 1930's and 1940's. It is a twin-engine all-metal monoplane, capable to operate from short runways at remote places.

It was able to cross the United States, and made transcontinental flights and worldwide flights possible. These characteristics of the DC-3/C-47 are very fascinating, and were one of the triggers to come up with the idea of creating the VSKYLABS C-47 Skytrain Flying Performance/Research Lab project for X-Plane.

Current versions:
XP11 is v3.0b1
XP10 is v2.7b1 (June 7 2018 - included but no longer supported).

Please read full project information at the project page at WWW.VSKYLABS.com

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