100 Push Ups & 50 Pull Ups Program (FREE or 2,49 euro)
Beginner Front And Side Split Training: FREE Flexibility Training Guide To Master The Splits
Personal Flexibility Program: Made by a famous YouTube Flexibility Expert
Personalized Diet Program: Made by a Nutritionist
Personal Fitness Workout: Made by a Personal Trainer
One Year Bodyweight Workout Program: 3 BONUS MONTHS FOR FREE!
The Complete, Not So Giant Book Of Six-Pack Abs
Full 3 Year Workout Program: From Beginner To Professional
Complete Elite To Master Workout Program: One Year Training Plan
Full Semi-Professional & Professional Workout Plan: One Year Training Program For Advanced Athletes
Professional Fitness Program: 6 Months Workout Plan
Semi-Professional Fitness Training Program: 6 Months
4 Months Master Workout Plan
4 Months Expert Workout Plan
4 Months Elite Workout Plan
Complete First Year Beginner To Advanced Workout Plan DISCOUNT
4 Month Advanced Workout Plan
4 Month Intermediate Workout
4 Month Beginners Workout Plan


A 23 year old famous Personal Trainer on YouTube. Specialized in fitness, nutrition and flexibility.


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