Modern Boho 55 Textures

Try a room textured with these Textures here:


1.Not for resale

2.Don't claim it as your own work

3.One account user only

4.Do not give them away for Free

5.When You use my Textures dont set your Room or Furniture to Derivable!

All textures are DMCA protected so:
You are not allowed to leave the room-furniture etc you created with my Textures,open as derivable!
If I notice this You will get a DMCA report against you!
You are not allowed to claim the textures as your own, gift recolor or resell them.
You may crop and join some textures to suit the mesh but please do not gift or resell your alteration.
You may use them on an alt Account for an additional 30% from the value of the price given.

Thank You