Loops For YouTubers Vol 2

How to get RID of copyright claims and strikes FOR GOOD!

“[YouTube] A copyright claim was created for content in…”

How fast did your heart race when you got that email from YouTube?

I bet if you put your heart on a track, it could’ve set a new world record!

If you’ve suffered from a copyright claim on your videos…

If you’ve ever gotten a copyright strike on your YouTube channel…

If you’re worried about getting MORE copyright claims and strikes in the future then this message is just for you.

Here’s why:

You can AVOID copyright strikes and claims FOREVER and save money while doing it…

And, you need to realise, there’s a cost to not dealing with this…

If you ignore it, it just gets worse

A copyright claim stops you from being able to monetize your videos…

Which SUCKS when you want to actually make a living from YouTube.

But, it can be MUCH worse:

You can get a copyright STRIKE instead!

Maybe you already have…

If so, you know how BAD they are…

ONE copyright strike will:

  • Stop you from earning money on ANY of your videos for 90 days (or 6 MONTHS if you don’t complete copyright school)!

  • Stop you from being able to livestream

  • Stop you from being able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes

And that’s not all:

If you get 3 copyright strikes on your channel, your YouTube channel will be TERMINATED FOR GOOD…

So - if you’re using copyrighted music in the background of your videos...you can lose much more than just the money made from 1 video…

And YOU don’t decide whether you get a copyright claim or a strike…

The creator of the music you're using decides.

That means if you use copyrighted music without permission in more than 3 of your videos - your YouTube channel is a ticking time-bomb waiting to BLOW!

The creators of that music can decide to throw copyright strikes your way at any time!

What most people do when they’re trying to avoid copyright strikes and claims is:

  • They try to find royalty-free music online…

  • They use the royalty-free music YouTube provides…

  • They subscribe to a service that allows them to use music from their catalogue in their YouTube videos…

  • They stop using music in their videos altogether...

But for most people, none of that works because:

  • Most royalty-free music you can find online is the kinda cheesy music you’ll hear in a children’s toy advert (and that makes your videos seem crappy AF)

  • YouTube’s catalogue of royalty-free music is pretty TRASH as well, let’s be honest…

  • Subscribing to a service that allows you to use their catalogue leaves you super vulnerable...They can change their terms of service at ANY time and start to claim your videos...AND you have to pay them EVERY month! Now you’re a hostage, because if you don’t pay them every month, they may STRIKE your videos…

  • Not using music can suck the life out of your videos...a good music track can REALLY help the quality of your YouTube video. So if you DON’T use music then you’re at a disadvantage compared to all the creators that DO…

And what happens if you just do nothing, if you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

Well, you can kiss your YouTube dreams goodbye!

You lose your ENTIRE channel to copyright strikes…

Not good.

How I stopped worrying about copyright claims and strikes FOREVER

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story:

I used to use a subscription service which was a hostage situation I didn’t care to stay in…

But, when I started to get back into making music, I had an idea:

“What if I could produce my OWN tracks that were PERFECT to use in the background of my YouTube videos?”

“What if I looped these tracks and made them an HOUR long so I NEVER needed to mess around with stitching the tracks together while editing?”

“And, what if I made these tracks available to other YouTubers for a one-time fee at a reasonable price?”

And, that’s exactly how I created “Loops For YouTubers Vol 1”!

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

Here’s what these loops did for me:

I can EASILY add music to any video in SECONDS…

I NEVER have to worry about my videos being claimed or striked down by someone else…

And, the background music in my videos is FIRE but, it doesn’t take away from the main focus of what the video’s about because these loops are created to STAY in the background…

And it’s not just me…

You already know that the biggest YouTubers are using music loops in the background of their videos everyday.

Youtuber’s like:

  • Pewdiepie

  • Vannosgaming

  • Pyrocynical

  • First We Feast (Hot Ones)

And much, much more!

Sometimes you don’t even REALISE that there’s music in the background of a video...and that’s when it’s been done right...

Finally, It’s Your Turn

When you get Loops For YouTubers Vol 1 today, you’ll get the key to:

  • Avoiding Copyright claims and strikes on your YouTube channel FOREVER

  • Having high-quality music in the background of your videos that doesn’t take attention away from YOU

  • Saving HOURS of time by having an HOUR long loop you can simply drag into your video editor without any hassle

It all comes as part of :

  • 5 royalty free, original, modern trap loops (add these to the in the background of your YouTube videos in SECONDS)

  • Instant digital download (after you pay, you'll get the download link sent to your email address IMMEDIATELY)

  • The loops are delivered in high-quality MP3 files

  • The loops are compatible with ANY video editing software

All loops are 100% Royalty Free.

And, that's not it...

You get all of this for ONLY $20!!

That's less than the price of dinner for one!

And, there's no recurring payments or anything, you only gotta give me  credit in your video descriptions by copy and pasting this:

Production Music Produced By Jay Cartere: https://JayCartere.com/YTLoops

Great deal, right?

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. 

Is that really where you want to go?

Take a new action, and get a new result. Finally say goodbye to the fear of copyright strikes and claims…

Which do you really want for yourself?

Here’s what to do now:

1. Click on that big green button that says “add to cart”

2. Enter your details on the next page

3. Download your loops, unzip the folder and use them in your new videos!