ATOMOS Promotion / DELUTS | FILM100 | Canon DSLR Looks, Camera Profile and FILM 100 Lightroom Looks

DELUTS | FILM 100 | Canon DSLR Looks, Camera Profile and FILM 100 Lightroom Looks.

Includes the New DELUTS CLOG3 Canon PF3 Camera Picture Profile, CLOG3 matching looks for colour-grading CLOG3 video, Finishing Luts for existing profile footage like portrait, standard, auto etc or just to ad another level of colour and RAW/TIFF/JPEG still image preset profiles in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Also included is the CLOG Cinema Gamut Looks from The FILM100 Canon set. Helpful for Canon DSLR cameras with factory installed CLOG. 3 versions - CLOG Original, CLOG Original ALT, CLOG CINGAM. I suggested to try them all out or if using Resolve load them all permanently.

1/ Canon PF3 Camera Picture Profile:

Loaded directly into the Canon camera that accepts .pf3 picture profiles. Use Canon Utilities to transfer.

2/ CLOG 3 Cinema Gamut Looks:
119 Film Looks

3/ Canon CLOG3 CG Technical LUT Transforms:
CanonLog3 Cinema Gamut to ARRI LOGC
CanonLog3 Cinema Gamut to ARRI BT709 WideDR
CanonLog3 Cinema Gamut to BT709 WideDR

Note: The Canon Picture Profile 'CLOG3 CCG LOG.pf3' is Designed to work with Canon's native CLOG3 Cinema Gamut Technical Transform Luts or DELUTS ARRI LOG/REC versions.

4/ DELUTS Photoshop Lightroom Look Profiles:
416 .xmp Profiles for use in Photoshop (ACR) or Lightroom. Now updated with DELUTS FILM100.

5/ FINISHING LUTS / OVERLOOKS for overgrading existing footage:
Used on top of REC profiles or existing footage.

The original DELUTS set from Archive, SET 1,2,3 & 4.

/// Resolution Guide

x17 - Generally for use with Adobe Premiere.

x33 - You can use in Premiere but normally only when about to render by swapping out the x17 versions. Generally for use with FCPx.

x64 - Best with DaVinci Resolve
(Leave the Luts in folders with appropriate folder name)


/// FULL Pack:


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