Blackmagic Colour Science v5 for the Pocket

The Blackmagic 4k/6k Pocket cameras do not currently have colour science v5. Here is an option until they do.

Option 1:
Load "Pocket 4k Film to Extended Video CS5 v1.0.cube" in to your camera. Shoot with the LUT in ProRes or use with BRAW for monitoring. You can of course embed the LUT in Prores.

Use the same LUT "Pocket 4k Film to Extended Video CS5 v1.0.cube" for use with BRAW or ProRes BMD FILM in grade.

This transforms colour science version 4 to colour science version 5 so you can use today.

Option 2:
If using BRAW and DaVinci Resolve 16.3 Beta 1 you can shoot with the "Pocket 4k Film to Extended Video CS5 v1.0.cube" monitoring LUT. Change your BRAW colour setting in Resolve and use the latest colour science version 5. You will need the Official Blackmagic "Blackmagic 12K Film to Extended Video.cube" lut for conversion at the moment.

There is also a FUJIFILM look version of the Extended Video LUT.

Files in this set:
Pocket 4k Film to Extended Video CS5 v1.0.cube
Pocket 4k Film CS5 v1.0.cube
BMD FujiFilm Extended Video v1.0.cube

3 LUT Resolutions:
x64 for Resolve and FCPX
x33 for FCPX and Premiere
x17 for Premiere

Use the luts in the folder 'Load in Camera' for the set ready to use on the Pocket loaded with and SD or CFAST card.