Cebraz Red/Silver Texture Pack -- $2.00

Cebraz Red/Silver Texture Pack (22 Textures)

::: Texture Packs come zipped and in PNG format!! ::: (JPEG format Available upon request!  Just e-mail me and I will send out with proof of purchase!) **All Textures included in this Texture Pack are not displayed.  For a full preview of this texture pack, please e-mail me.     Standard RULES: Please do not sell, share or distribute these Textures!
Editing files, changing color, adding layers, cropping, etc, does not make these Textures your own and DOES NOT give you rights to resell or redistribute. These Textures generally come 256 X 256 pixel Squares. (Sizes Varies depending on the Texture & detail)  They are meant for IMVU users so if you are not an IMVU developer
buy at your own risk. There are NO refunds, If you have any questions regarding these Textures or other Textures in my shop please contact me at [email protected]