Without a self-owned website or online store - is like selling offline without a physical shop! Your customers & prospects has no where to get more on what you can offer...

Hi! We're irsah indesigns, a Kuala Lumpur based blogger info development studio, working behind the scenes with local & regional brands/businesses since 2011, setting up online presence & strategy effectively & efficiently.

We've created BlogrCart themes looking at Blogger platform potentials in helping our clients developed thier online presence. Now we're sharing these secrets, strategies & powerful online tools with you!

Expose your brand, products or services for free with unlimited bandwith on Blogger platform - no technical skills required. Use a free blogspot.com url, then later, get a custom domain, to showcase your brand. products & services to wider & targetted audiences for any search engines effectively.

Create online web shops/stores, blogs & contents on Blogger, no programming, no subscriptions, no add ons to purchase. Mobile ready high quality premade themes & templates with shopping cart, recieve online orders in your email, customers can make payments directly to your account via Paypal. 

Start your project or work in a team without sharing personal data or account information using the platform built in User Permissions. 

Theme technical support & backed up by Google's product experts ensures that your online store will be up & ready in no time - assisted by the best people in the industry.

These blog stores, in average, made up to 5 figure sales a month on Blogger platform easily -- so can you!

On Blogger platform users can get...

  • Set up a blog or online store in minutes!
  • Free SSL for custom domains
  • Unlimited storage space for images & uploads - within platform max limitations
  • Unlimited amount of Pages/Post for product creations
  • Unlimited bandwith
  • Easy fine tune meta data for search engines
  • New & improved Blogger dashboard UI
  • Easy use of backend even on mobile devices
  • Monetize your blog store/website with Adsense - extra revenue

Everyone is turning to online to purchase almost everything, now would be the right time for you to set up one - at no or minimal cost...