2019 Bundle (44)

A bundle that includes the 5 high quality sound libraries that I created in 2019, which are:

1) 44.1 General Library - Volume II (1,000 sounds) 
2) Party Pack Bundle (2,000 sounds) 
3) RPG Orchestral Essentials (30 music tracks)
4) Sewing Machine (800 sounds)
5) UI - Mechanical (350 sounds)

This gives you a grand total of 4,150 sound effects and 30 music tracks (4.62GB) for only £68.49 (originally ~£137 if bought separately), all royalty-free!

The sounds are all formatted to 44.1kHz and 16/24-bit, but you will receive an email within 48 hours after purchasing for your free bonus download codes for the 96kHz/24-bit versions if you desire even more quality (Note: 96kHz versions are not available for the "44.1 General Library" and "RPG Orchestral Essentials").