Piano, Mallet Strikes (44)

Recorded at 96KHz/24-bit stereo and available in multiple versions, this collection of sounds brings you 463 sampler-based metal mallet strikes mapped to a Kontakt 5 patch. As opposed to playing the piano normally, these sounds were created by striking the string with a metal mallet, creating a harsher attack. The five different samplers offer you a wide variety of durations:

Damped instantly (84 sounds; five octaves)
Damped after 1 second (97 sounds; seven octaves)
Damped after 2 seconds (97 sounds; seven octaves)
Damped after 5 seconds (88 sounds; six octaves)
Sustained fully (97 sounds; seven octaves)

This version is sampled at 44.1kHz/16-bit.