Box of French: J'aime les sports!

  • A set of six 30-minute lessons designed to take learners from word level to sentence level
  • Designed for Key Stage 2 (age 7-11), lower Key Stage 3 (age 11-12) or as a transition unit
  • Focuses on the Olympics, the names of sports and giving opinions of sports
  • By the end of the six lessons, learners will be able to write and say extended sentences about their opinions of sports, using connectives and justifying their opinions with adjectives

So what do you get?
  • a 75-page .pdf document containing detailed lesson plans, all resources needed, glossaries and links for downloading the PowerPoints, which have audio to support the non-specialist teacher

"This is such a well thought through and carefully crafted resource.  I love it!"  Primary Languages Teacher, Dorset

"An excellent resource! Very engaging and the first time my year 5s had REALLY looked at strategies for understanding longer texts. Worth every penny!"

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