Sonidos Españoles

Sonidos Españoles (Spanish Sounds) is an exciting new resource designed to support beginner learners and non-specialist teachers as they learn how to say and read the Spanish sounds that make the language different to English.

The resource is a series of 6 PowerPoints, each addressing 3 or 4 sounds.  The sounds are built up in the order in which learners are likely to meet them, and each part incorporates only sounds that are like English or sounds that have already been introduced.

Part 1: a, o, h, ll
Part 2: ñ, e, i, u
Part 3: ce, ci, z
Part 4: cu, qu, v, b
Part 5: ge, gi, j
Part 6: r-, rr, gue, gui, güe, güi

Audio for the sounds and for the example words, recorded by a native speaker, is built into the PowerPoints.

There are also some support materials and resources provided:
  • An overview and "how to" guide 
  • A sheet giving a summary of the pronunciation of all the letters of the Spanish alphabet
  • A sheet explaining the use of accented vowels (áéíóú) in Spanish
  • A list of words that can be used for further practice of the individual sounds
  • A single-page minibook containing the six stories
  • A larger version of the minibook containing the six stories
  • An pronunciation practice activity sheet
Please note that this resource is based on Castilian Spanish / castellano.

Download a sample of Sonidos Españoles from