Box of Spanish: ¡Soy prehistórico!

  • A set of nine 30-minute lessons designed for new learners, to explore Spanish at word and simple phrase level
  • Designed for Year 3, who usually study Stone Age to Iron Age as part of the history curriculum
  • Focus on cave paintings, tools and Iron Age jewellery and other possessions
  • Grammatical focus on nouns, gender and articles
  • Phonic focus on vowels
So what do you get?
  • a 126-page .pdf document containing detailed lesson plans, all resources needed, glossaries and links for downloading the PowerPoints, which have audio to support the non-specialist teacher
"New resource Soy prehistórico is the bees knees - cross curricular, innovative and fun with clear simple to follow instructions and all the resources you need provided for you. I'm just working out which class gets to try it out!!"
Lisa Stevens, Primary Spanish teacher, Lisibo Ltd

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