Spanish Pocket Cards, set 4

A set of 8 Spanish pocket cards designed especially by Clare Seccombe to provide a reference for all learners of Spanish.

Set 4 contains the following Pocket Cards: In town, Transports, Opposite adjectives, At school, Subject pronouns, Countries, Nationalities, Daily routine

- Laminate and fix them together with a treasury tag or binder ring (see photo) for students to keep on their desk as a reference.
- Stick individual cards into exercise books as a reference tool.
- Give the cards to students for home learning.

Download En clase (1) and En clase (2) Pocket Cards FREE from

Download a free sample of set 4 from

So what do you get?

- .pdf file containing 9 pages. Each page has eight Pocket Cards on it. Eight of the pages have eight copies of one Card, the ninth has one copy of each of the eight Cards.