Rebel Without A Cause and Ferris Bueller's Day Off Study Guides

This download is for one GIANT zip file containing THREE separate study guides. The first is a comprehensive exploration of REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and the second is a detailed examination of FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF. Finally, the last guide offers details on how the two films will be assessed in the GCSE exam and offers suggestions and ideas as to how they could be compared and contrasted in preparation for the exam. 

Also included are editable Knowledge Organisers as individual documents and in total, there are over 140 pages in this one download!

As part of this download you’ll find that for every resource there is:
  • A high quality PDF version-perfect for printing
  • A PDF which has been compressed in size so that it’s perfect for emailing and storing
  • A Mac OSX Pages document which can be used to edit the resource using a Mac and 
  • A Microsoft Word version which can also be edited on Windows. 
Written by an experienced examiner and teacher of film studies, the guides have been written with the sole focus of the Eduqas GCSE Film specification for Component 1. Each guide therefore contains a wide variety of information, activities, assessment tasks and examiners hints to cover:
  • Detailed information and activities related to all aspects of relevant context
  • A huge range of tasks related to cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing, sound, theme and narrative!
  • Dozens, if not hundreds, of questions and assessments to check knowledge and understanding
  • Hundreds of screenshots
  • Exam tips and suggestions
  • Approaches to exam questions and detailed analysis
  • Suggestions of other films to watch to extend understanding of the film and the context
  • Plus much, MUCH more. 
You can see a preview of the two main guides here: 

and FERRIS here: