All about me and this store.

We all love watching films. There are few things better than settling down to a film whether it's the first time you've seen it or the hundredth. Many of us also enjoy cinema as an art form and love nothing more than dissecting a film into its constituent parts and analysing how a film was made and what it suggests to the audience. Cinema has also developed over the last 100 years to become a detailed and respected academic discipline in its own right and today millions of people across the world are involved in Film Studies as teachers or students. My store here aims to help those involved in Film Education by providing affordable,  professional, comprehensive and knowledgeable resources for a wide range of films. On here you'll find film studies resources designed for GCSE Level but equally applicable to a wide range of assessment levels and even for other subjects such as English Literature and History. 

Hi; I'm Ian! I love film and I love teaching film studies. Having gained a film degree in 2009, I'm privileged to have been a teacher of Film Studies at GCSE and A-Level for nearly 10 years now. In those 10 years I've gained a wide-knowledge and experience of delivering film studies to students in schools, Sixth Forms and Colleges throughout the UK. I'm based in South Yorkshire and regularly travel across the UK to meet other teachers and students and engage in film-based education. I'm a full-time teacher so like to think I know what a teacher may want or need from a resource but I also work with other websites, companies and charities in developing resources for film studies. 

In my store you will find a variety of resources to help in the delivery, study and revision of film studies. Aimed primarily for GCSE Film studies as part of the Eduqas/WJEC specification, the most popular resources are my viewing booklets. These might also be described as revision guides, schemes of work, units of work or e-books and are comprehensive guides to various films that make up the GCSE film specification. Each features dozens of pages and tens of thousands of words and are designed so that teachers can buy, download and print to make the delivery of film as simple but as detailed as possible. Each contains dozens of activities that require almost no preparation from teachers and follows the specification from the exam board closely to ensure that each covers a broad variety of film studies, each tailored specifically to each film. 
Please feel free to click on each and have a look-where possible I've tried to include a preview, but if you're unable to access the previews you can find them on my SlideShare page here:
The booklets are designed that they can be used however suits the needs of each teacher with price points to match. Please get in touch if you have any questions via the 'Contact' page on here. 

I'm a senior examiner for WJEC/Eduqas and have been an examiner and moderator of coursework for 5 years. I'm also an experienced CPD presenter who has delivered training to hundreds of teachers across the country on a wide range of film studies topics. Working closely with the exam board, I co-authored the teacher's guide to GCSE Film Studies and also created a detailed scheme of work on how to write a screenplay. I also work with other independent companies in producing resources, with clients such as ZigZag, StudyRocket and more coming soon! You may have also found my revision videos on YouTube (if not: subscribe here: https:/

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my webstore and purchasing resources from me; your support allows me to dedicate more time to creating more resources. If you have any specific requests please get in touch-I'm always open to commissions for resources. Similarly, if you have any questions or just want to say hi please do so-I love connecting with other teachers and love sharing ideas. 

Happy teaching and learning,