Series 1; 7 Simple 30 Minute Flows

Flow 1)  Enjoy a quick 30 minute flow - beginning with 5 breaths in childs pose and then moving through some easy Warrior sequences. Optional Handstand options and a quick Crow Pose if you chose to take it! 
There is no music themed to this class so I recommend following me on Spotify for a fun Yoga Vinyasa Flow Playist to sync with this class! 
Spotify : "HotYogaNik"

Flow 2) Super Gentle 30 Minute Hatha; need a quick easy stretch? This class is soothing and super gentle!

Flow 3) Intermediate Flow incorporating fun transitions and BIG poses!

FLow 4) MELLOW MELLOW MELLOW, stay low to the floor in this sequence. Opening with a short meditation on presence then enjoy some simple floor stretches, close with 5 minute savasana!

Flow 5) Short Meditation followed by a fun Core Flow with Pranayama (Uddiyana Bandha)

Flow 6) Short Meditation on releasing thoughts followed by a gentle side body flow class

Flow 7) Just a simple flow to get things moving! Lunges, Crescent Lunge Backbends, Toe Balance and Tree, Close with some deep hip openers and a 3 minute savasana.