Series 2; 7 Easy Thirty Minute Yoga Flows

7 Days of 30 Minute Yoga Sequences! This is the second series of 7 (30 minute) sequences! 

Day 1 : "May You Be Happy" ~ starting with a sweet meditation and gentle warmups, flow into some twists, warriors, and balancing postures! Enjoy a 4 minute savasana at the end!

Day 2: all levels flow into side squats, twists, and even an armbalance option or two! 

Day 3: Standing Flow through a Wide Leg Forward Fold, Warrior Two, Triangle, Side Angle, Lunge Twists, and Warrior One!

Day 4: Vinyasa; Gratitude, Forgivness, and Guidance.

Day 5: Sun Salutation A and B, Lunging twists, Warrior Two, Handstand, and Eka Pada Kundingyasana II

Day 6: Journey to Modified Visvamitrasana in Gratitude

Day 7: Gentle Flow 30 Mins