SERIES 1: 7 Days of Philosophy Themed Yoga Classes (40 minute classes)

Day 1: Atha Yoga ~ NOW the practice begins! (56 mins) (only long one!) A Shoulder Opening Flow
Day 2: Citta Vrtta Nirodaha ~ Clear the Mind~ (40 Mins) An all levels basic flow with a building Warrior Sequence and short 6 minute savasana
Day 3: Why We Meditate; a Gentle Yoga Sequence
Day 4: Intermediate Style Flow ; Be Yourself
Day 5: Very Mellow Sequence... "Don't Reinforce Your Ego"
Day 6: Tap into your Core Strength; "Where does our knowledge come from?"
Day 7: A simple Surya Namaskar B Flow with gentle Hip Openers ~ Imagination, Misunderstanding, and Deep SleepĀ