Jarrod, Introduction, Fall 2017
Ace, Introduction, Spring 2013
Amber, Introduction, Summer 2017
Rex, Casual Session, Summer 2017
Amp, Casual Session, Summer 2017
Nicole, Introduction, Summer 2017
Marie, Introduction, Summer 2017
Ace, Casual Session, Summer 2017
Wolf, Casual Session, Spring 2017
Eagle, Introduction, Spring 2017
Rex, Introduction, Winter 2016
Wolf, Casual Session, Spring 2015
Payton, Introduction, Summer 2016
Ace, Casual Session, Summer 2014
Wolf, Introduction, Spring 2014
Amp, Introduction, Fall 2015
Ace, Casual Session, Fall 2015


I am a photographer from a small town in North Carolina and I have big dreams. I work with teens in a modeling project called Youth Revolution.


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