Complete Editing Pack

Includes the following:

  1. 3D assets for C4D for BO2, COD4, and CSGO
  2. My COD4 mod
  3. All my CFG's for all my games, including reshade for those games.
  4. My HLAE with my settings
  5. 380 Project Files (lots of unrealeased stuff there)
  6. Recording Tutorials for high level cinematics in CoD:4, BO2 and CS:GO
  7. Overlays
  8. SFX for all the games I edit.

    and more...
By purchasing this you are supporting me and my stream aswell as getting some nice assets to play around with. There are plenty of presets among the projectfiles but I will release a seperate preset pack in the near future.

If you purchase this editing pack you accept to only use this for your own personal use and you agree that you will never send any file/s within this editing pack to anyone. Once purchased thereĀ are no refunds.