Hitachi Zaxis 200-3, 210-3, 225-3, 240-3, 250-3, 270-3, 280-3 Series Excavator Operators Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Training Manual for Hitachi Hydraulic Excavators Models Zaxis 200-3, Zaxis 200LC-3, Zaxis 210-3, Zaxis 210H-3, Zaxis 210K-3, Zaxis 210LC-3, Zaxis 210LCH-3, Zaxis 210LCK-3, Zaxis 210LCN-3, Zaxis 225US-3, Zaxis 225USLC-3, Zaxis 225USR-3, Zaxis 225USRK-3, Zaxis 225USRLC-3, Zaxis 225USRLCK-3, Zaxis 240-3, Zaxis 240LC-3, Zaxis 240N-3, Zaxis 250H-3, Zaxis 250K-3, Zaxis 250LC-3, Zaxis 250LCH-3, Zaxis 250LCK-3, Zaxis 250LCN-3, Zaxis 270-3, Zaxis 270LC-3, Zaxis 280LC-3, Zaxis 280LCN-3

This Manual Consists of the following separate manuals:
Operational Principle, PDF, 375 Pages
Perfomance Check, Troubleshooting, PDF, 603 Pages
Maintenance, PDF, 143 Pages
Electrical Circuit, PDF, 1 Page
Hydraulic Circuit, PDF, 1 Page

Original factory manuals for Hitachi Excavator Mashines, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
    Zaxis 200-3
    Zaxis 200LC-3
    Zaxis 210-3
    Zaxis 210H-3
    Zaxis 210K-3
    Zaxis 210LC-3
    Zaxis 210LCH-3
    Zaxis 210LCK-3
    Zaxis 210LCN-3
    Zaxis 225US-3
    Zaxis 225USLC-3
    Zaxis 225USR-3
    Zaxis 225USRK-3
    Zaxis 225USRLC-3
    Zaxis 225USRLCK-3
    Zaxis 240-3
    Zaxis 240LC-3
    Zaxis 240N-3
    Zaxis 250H-3
    Zaxis 250K-3
    Zaxis 250LC-3
    Zaxis 250LCH-3
    Zaxis 250LCK-3
    Zaxis 250LCN-3
    Zaxis 270-3
    Zaxis 270LC-3
    Zaxis 280LC-3
    Zaxis 280LCN-3

Format: ZIP, Contains:
Language: English

Operational Principle
    Group 1 Specifications
        Working Ranges
    Group 2 Component Layout
        Main Components
        Electrical System (Overview)
        Pump Device
        Swing Device
        Control Valve
        Signal Control Valve
        Solenoid Valve Unit
        Travel Device
    Group 3 Component Specifications
        Engine Accessories
        Hydraulic Component
        Electrical Component

Perfomance Check, Troubleshooting
    Group 1 Introduction
        Operational Performance Tests
        Preparation for Performance Tests
    Group 2 Standard
        ZX200-3 Class Operational
        Performance Standard Table
        ZX240-3 Class Operational
        Performance Standard Table
        ZX270-3 Class Operational
        Performance Standard Table
        Main Pump P-Q Diagram
        Sensor Activating Range
    Group 3 Engine Test
        Engine Speed
        Engine Compression Pressure
        Valve Clearance
        Lubricant Consumption
    Group 4 Excavator Test
        Travel Speed
        Track Revolution Speed
        Mistrack Check
        Travel Parking Leakage
        Swing Speed
        Swing Function Drift Check
        Swing Motor Leakage
        Maximum Swingable Slant Angle
        Swing Bearing Play
        Hydraulic Cylinder Cycle Time
        Dig Function Drift Check
        Control Lever Operating Force
        Control Lever Stroke
        Combined Operation of
         Boom Raise / Swing Function Check
        Combined Operation of Boom Raise / Arm Roll-In Function Check
    Group 5 Component Test
        Primary Pilot Pressure
        Secondary Pilot Pressure
        Solenoid Valve Set Pressure
        Main Pump Delivery Pressure
        Main Relief Valve Set Pressure
        Relief Pressure (When relieving Swing)
        Overload Relief Valve Set Pressure
        Main Pump Flow Rate Measurement
        Swing Motor Drainage
        Travel Motor Drainage