Mixing and Mastering

As a music producer you want your track to sounding good and loud as all the other commercial tracks out there. This is how the mixing and mastering take place to this process. With proper mixing and mastering your track will be stand out and you will get attention from other people in the music industry like djs, record labels A&R and more. Here at HighLife Samples we are offering online mastering for your music tracks.

Mixing 75

The propose of mixing is to balance all the basic element of your track such us Drums, Bass, Leads, Vocals and Fx’s for sounding clear inside the track mixidown as good as possible. We apply simple and special mixing techniques where necessary to ensure that your track it will be ready for final stage of mastering.

Track Mastering 35

Mastering is the last step of audio recording production. The purpose of mastering is to deliver a fully balance stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. The mastering engineer is paying attention to EQ and to level and dynamics presentation.

You can read more about the history of mastering here


EDM Ghost Production

We are offering “EDM Ghost Production” for djs and producers.

The idea of “Ghost Production” is for djs/producers that  have a rising carrer in the box but they don’t have the time or the knowledge to create a track to explode their dj carrer to the top!


Our prices are very affordable for everyone and you can make depreciation (payment) after 2-3 small dj gigs. Most of the djs/producers that are on the top of the club scene right now, have behind them people that they are creating the track on behalf of them. Be sure that to be a successful dj nowadays you need to release your own tracks!


We can create an instrumental club track or even a catchy vocal tune! 


Our productions has been supported by djs like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike,Armin,Tiesto,Ferry,PVD,Above and Beyond and many others.

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