Thank you for your purchase! Please read over this page carefully before contacting customer support.

Where are my presets? I never got the email from the link.

A: If you are facing such an issue, try to look in your junk folder. Or the other reason for this problem might be that the email linked to your PayPal account is different than the email you currently use. The preset ink is sent to the email that you have connected with PayPal. Paypal usually takes 4-5 business days to process an e-check, and sellfy will keep delivery of the link until payment is cleared. So, wait for a few days and ensure that your PayPal email is currently in use.

Can I download these presets on my phone?

A: NO!! You can only download these presets on your laptop or desktop. You will download a zipped that you need to extract the content from.

If I download the presets on my laptop/desktop, Will they work on my phone?

A: Yes. Once you download them, you can sync your mobile device with Lightroom CC. After the sync, you can successfully use the presets in the mobile version of Lightroom.

I expected to get amazing results, but instead, it is making everything darker. Why is it so?

A: Presets are available to enhance the quality of the image or video. First, you need to ensure that you have captured the picture in the camera correctly. There should be proper exposure, which will further enable the presets to show amazing results. If the picture has poor exposure, it will take more manual settings as presets cannot make magical changes for low quality pictures.

Despite following the instructions, Why aren't these presents showing up in my Lightroom?

A: If you are facing such a problem, ensure that you are using version 7.5 of Lightroom or higher when working with XMP file presets. In the latest update of 2019, Adobe has transferred everything to XMP. Ensure that you are using RAW images as presets work best with RAW images.

What is the difference between an XMP file and a .lrtemplate file?

A: An XMP file is compatible with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Camera Raw. It is the new file type for the changed Adobe preset. Once the new update comes, the Adobe changes all your presets files to XMP. You can understand LRTEMPLATE as the old and outdated preset that is restricted only to the Lightroom.

Can I expect refunds on digital products?

A: Sadly, no. Since these are digital products, unlike hard goods, we do not offer any refunds. We do not make any false claims. We make it very clear that our preset will work with the year they are created and that equal version of Lightroom. We completely understand the fact that in the fast-paced world, everything is modified and updated quickly. We try our best to ensure the compatibility of the product. But we cannot guarantee that it will work forever.