Helicopter CFi Lesson Plans (Full)

Samples, and further information can be found at helicoptercfipowerpoints.com

These PowerPoints include:

All 7 Fundamentals of Instruction Lessons

All 24 Maneuver lessons

14 Core lessons "Aerodynamics,
Aeromedical factors etc." Note: Some lessons plans are not included from the PTS. (e.g. Operations of Systems, Pre-Flight Procedures)

The purpose of this product is to provide PowerPoint slides for CFI's for use in instructing students in a ground school environment. Please note that minimal to extensive modification by the purchaser may be necessary according to their own teaching style, opinions and philosophies. We highly recommend an instructor after purchasing this product will make him or herself familiar with its contents before teaching students using the slides, in order to modify anything he or she sees fit, fix any errors found, (Please report) and to achieve fluency while teaching with these slides.

The views, approaches, explanations, and techniques included are that of the authors and may be subject to errors or omissions including outdated information. Know that the author offers this product merely as a supplement to teaching in a ground school environment. Please note that while the presentations can be used as a teaching aid, they DO NOT replace the instructor or any printed FAA materials as the main sources of information for student learning and safety.

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