Sarah's Waist Long Hair to Head Shave VOD - video on demand download

Sara is an tall woman with incredibly long hair to match. Because she is tired of her hair getting caught in car doors, she has decided to have it all shaved off. This video starts with an interview and modeling session. Her hair is brushed out, spread out, and later clippers and other haircutting instruments are placed in her hair. There's even a little role-play with the manual clippers. Soon it is time to move on into the salon. Sara's lovely vintage lacy conservative blouse is unbuttoned and a neck strip wrapped around her neck. A heavy PVC cape is placed over her, so that neither hair clippings or shaving lather fall upon her beautiful outfit. The hair is not buzzed off right away, rather the hair is sectioned and put in zip-ties before the back hair section is removed with a vintage set of manual clippers. Since the clippers pull a bit, the rest of the hair is cut off with an Oster clippers, starting in the back. Sara gasps, giggles, and shows lots of emotion throughout the entire haircutting process. The precious look on her face after feeling and seeing her pony tails, buzzed head, and finally bald head is enjoyable to witness, and you just might burst out cheering her on. An undershave is done first, the hair brushed out, pulled back into a ponytail before going even higher with the clippers in the back and brushing the hair out once again. Once the only hair left is the hair in front (the bangs), these are slowly clippered off too. Because the cape is so smooth, hair slides right off and onto the floor. Sara loves her new look, but to complete it, a lather shave is in order. The barber chair is reclined back, hot lather applied, and her head shaved with an electric disposable razor. Sara touches her head often, amazed at how gorgeous she is bald. Sara poses in her red leather skirt and matching heels in the barber chair. Wow, Sara looks amazing, doesn't she? Length: 102 minutes Size: 1178 MB Format: WMV Resolution: 720x480