Mollys Long Hair to Geometric Pixie Haircut Transformation Digital Video VOD

Molly, dressed in a plum satin blouse, black skirt, and black stockings, has wavy brunette hair past her shoulders. As she talks about her hair, she plays with her long hair one last time. Soon, she takes a seat in the salon chair where the stylist, James William, wraps a neckstrip around her neck and drapes a black & white striped barber cape over her. Using a scissors and comb, you'll see the hair falling to the floor and tumbling down the cape. James expertly shapes Molly's hair into a lovely geometric pixie. Once the haircut is done, Molly gives a quick interview about her haircut experience.

Duration approx. 38 minutes, screen size 1920 x 1080, format .wmv


Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0