Barberette Barber Face and Eyebrow Shaving - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Due to two hair models not showing up, Kat decided to film something anyway since the barber was already there. Being such a great sport, the barber played along with Kat's video idea: the barber and the barberette are waiting to customers to come into the shop. Getting bored, the barberette asks if the barber could shave her nape. Agreeing, the barber sets out the board so the barberette can relax her legs, and she sits down in the barber chair, making herself comfortable, kicking off her high heeled shoes and stockings. The barber proceeds to give her a nape shave, first wrapping the neck strip around her neck and covering her with a pinstripe cape. Once finished, the barberette asks for a face shave. He sharpens the straight-edge on the leather strop to make sure it's nice and sharp. She relaxes in the chair while she is treated to a hot lather, straight-edge razor shave. When finished, the barberette is about to get out of the chair when the barber turns on a small electric clippers. She asks what he is doing, and he says that he will be shaping up her eyebrows so her plucking them in the morning won't cause her to be late for work anymore. Soon her eyebrows are completely shaved off, and she is out of the chair, asking the barber himself to have a seat. She shaves his nape and face with the straight-edge after putting a neck stripe around his neck and throwing a cape over him. duration: 49 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480